Stability analysis

005_stability_lstb_sim : Stability analysis

Requires: SmartSpice & Smartview

Minimum Versions: SMARTSPICE 3.17.26.C

An input deck is used to setup the .LSTB analysis. The .LSTB analysis is used in single mode to calculate phase, gain margins and frequency characterisrics. A cx# file is written which contains gain as a function of frequency

phase_margin(deg)= -8.1393e+001

gain_margin(db)= -5.7399e+001

phase_margin_freq(Hz)= 2.0786e+005

gain_margin_freq(Hz)= 1.4621e+007

minfreq = 1.0000e-001 at= 1.0000e-001

loop_gain_at_min_freq(db)= 1.0422e+002

The output waveform shows the phase and the gain margin in db as a function of frequency.