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003_FM_Source : Frequency Modulated Source

Minimum Versions: SmartSpice 4.6.5.R

The input deck shows you how to produce a single element that behaves as a Frequency Modulated (FM) source.

The Waveform results show how the final frequency modulated waveform output looks in the time domain for both full and zoomed time periods. The lower plot of the 3 shows a rough FFT interpretation of the transient waveform. (Remember that an FFT is a cyclic analysis requiring regular-spaced, time period samples. So to construct this FFT from the irregular-spaced, transient analysis timepoints, some distortion is introduced - the minimum value only gets down to -60db level).

Note: To do an accurate FFT plot use .OPTION FFT_ACCURATE and do an .FTT analysis.

Input Files
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