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002_Damped_Sinewave : Decaying Sinewave source

Requires: SmartSpice & Smartview

Minimum Versions: SmartSpice 4.6.5.R

A single SmartSpice element can be used to provide a decaying sinusoidal waveform.

The input deck is a SPICE file containing the setup of a voltage source to provide the decaying sinewave waveform. The signal goes into a resistor with a source of 1 volt on the other end.

To run the simulation, source the input deck and press the green run button. When the simulation completes, you can plot the V(1) i(1) and v(2) waveforms.

The waveform plot shows a damped voltage, sinusoidal oscillation decaying away as time progresses. The user can alter the parameters to get the required frequency of oscillation, amplitude and decay rate. The current plot shows there is a voltage at the other end of the resistor. This a powerful way to upset a circuit's balance and look at the time-to-recovery of normal levels etcoperating conditions.

Input Files
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