Using Clever tool to provide 3D view

005_clever : Using Clever tool to provide 3D view

Minimum Required Version: Expert 4.10.39.R, CLEVER 3.8.31.R

Expert allows CLEVER to be run directly from the currently-editing cell, or its clipped-out rectangular area. It uses an already-existing CLEVER input deck, and generates 3-D interconnect structure which can be displayed in TonyPlot3D.

Parasitic capacitances and resistances can also be calculated on the generated 3-D structure based on the 3-D field solver using CLEVER.

By adding appropriate commands in the input deck, CLEVER can generate electrodes from normal text objects put in the layout.

The actual operation steps are as follows:

  • Start Expert and select File->Open to load the GDSII file integration_ex05.gds without a technology file. A dialog box will appear to inform you that no technology file is specified. Click OK to proceed the operation.
  • Open the top cell INV_MET_POLY_COMB in Open Cell(s) dialog (see integration_ex05_1.png ).
  • Select Tools->3-D Image->Setup to open the DeckBuild setup dialog (see integration_ex05_2.png ).
  • Specify the CLEVER input deck in the Input file text field, and the CLEVER map file in the Map file text field. Also specify the output file integration_ex05.out, which does not exist before this example is run.
  • Click OK to close the dialog.
  • Select Tools->3-D Image->Cell . First, the DeckBuild window will appear, and CLEVER will run in it (see integration_ex05_3.png ).
    As soon as CLEVER finishes the processing, TonyPlot3D will appear to show the generated 3-D structure (see integration_ex05_4.png ).
  • Select Tools->3-D Image->Clip-out and specify a rectangular area overlapping a part of the layout. CLEVER will be executed again for the specified area, and Tonyplot3D will show the resultant 3-D structure (see integration_ex05_5.png ).