LISA Script for user-defined Expert commands

002_user_cmd : LISA Script for user-defined Expert commands

Minimum Required Version: Expert 4.10.39.R

As mentioned in the previous example (JavaScript for layout automation), many layout-editing tasks can be automated through the use of scripting. This is especially useful when a certain task needs to be performed repetitively or for a large amount of geometries. One of the methods to increase the efficiency is to apply user-defined commands for such tasks.

Expert offers two choices of scripting language: one is JavaScript, and the other one is LISA (Language for Interfacing SILVACO Applications). This example will show how to generate a user-defined command to:

  • Automatically arrange an array of dies on a wafer
  • Place verniers and reticles in proper locations
  • Set the origin of the whole layout into the geometrical center, through the use of a LISA Script

Figure 1 shows the specifications of the die frame. Figure 2 shows additional specifications of scribe lane and overlap.

1.0. Preliminary steps to start example

  • Run the Expert application
  • Load the "scripting_ex02.eld" project
  • Create a new cell layout, in which we will use the new command to generate the frame layout

In the "scripting_ex02.eld" project, there are some existing layout cells: Main layout (the die), Vernier, Interlock, PCM, etc.

1.1. Creating/Loading/Running of the LISA user-defined commands

From the Expert window, choose the menu Tool->Script and select LISA. To open the script window, select Tool->Script->Script Panel . In the script window, choose File->Open and select the file scripting_ex02.xis, the script will then appear as shown in Figure 3 .

This script will define a new command called "generate" which will perform the following tasks:

  • Provide an input dialog that allows designers to key in the values for necessary parameters
  • Generate the Main array (die array), Vernier, Interlock, PCM, etc.
  • Produce the extensions for scribe lane and the overlap
  • Set the origin of the layout to its geometrical center

In order to run the script, press the green arrow icon located in the script panel window, or choose Script->Run . The execution of the LISA script defines a new Expert command, called "generate".

Type "generate" in the xi-Command Line dock-window of the Expert GUI, and press RUN to execute, as shown in Figure 4 .

Figure 5 illustrates the input dialog window after the execution of the "generate" command. Figure 6 shows the layout of a 6x10 die array, with properly aligned frame and extension. This layout was generated automatically by the user-defined command. Note that the origin is set to be in the center of the whole layout.

In the dialog window, the user can define the "Number of Rows", "Number of Columns" and "Number of PCM" to be 3, 6 and 2 respectively. These values will lead to the layout of a 3x6 die array , with 2 PCM patterns instead of 6.

1.2 Hints and Tips

  • Users can refer to "lisa_users1.pdf" located in "<Silvaco_install_dir>/lib/expert/4.10.39.R/docs/" folder for the details in syntax while creating a LISA Script
  • Another useful feature of Expert that can assist in the creation of a LISA Script is the use of the Expert log window ( View->Dock Windows->Expert Log ). This window lists each command performed during the Expert session in the proper LISA (or JavaScript) syntax. Additionally, it provides warning/error messages and the suggestions if there are syntax problem during the compilation.