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Process Simulation

EXACT has powerful scripting utilities for manipulating the final capacitance data and variables but is there an easier graphical front end that would also allow me to view the data?
August 2003

EXACT allows the measured data to be fitted to polynomial expressions using the scripting utilities. Is there a way to instead optimise the fitting interactively?
August 2003

What kinds of Optical Lithography can ATHENA Model ?
February 2003

Can ATHENA easily create a trench with angled sidewalls?
February 2003

If there are multiple implants in my process does the order of these implants have an influence on the result?
November 2002

The structure I am simulating inside ATHENA is very large and the number of mesh points has become excessive. Is there anything I can do to get around this limitation?
May 2000

Which implant and diffusion models should be used for simulating MOS channel profiles in ATHENA?
May 1999

How can I determine implant range for non-standard materials such as silicides or photoresist?
June 1997

Which are the key parameters for tuning RTA simulations when using the new Stanford diffusion models in ATHENA version 4.0?
December 1996

How can di-electric reflow be modeled? Which calibration parameters are important for tuning the reflow?
October 1995

Can dopant diffusion be modeled simultaneously with the material reflow?
October 1995

I use SSuprem4 for process simulation, but I need more realistic models for deposition and etch. How can I use the Elite module of ATHENA to do this? How does the interface from Elite to SSuprem4 work?
April 1995

How is implant damage enhanced diffusion modeled by ATHENA ? Which tuning parameters should be used for matching experimental results?
February 1995