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Parameter Extraction & Device Characterization

How to do BSIM4 RF CMOS modeling with UTMOST III.
April 2002

How can I extract BSIM4 parameters using UTMOST III ?
January 2002

How can I measure CJSWG (CJGATE) Capacitance using UTMOST III?
October 2000

How can I use the S3245 Noise amplifier with or without UTMOST?
July 1997

What SOI models are supported by SmartSpice and UTMOST?
July 1997

How can I measure and extract Area (CJ) and Sidewall (CJSW)capacitances using UTMOST?
May 1997

How can I select the Postscript plot option in UTMOST?
January 1997

Can I select the Linear or Log Scaling independently for each curve in ALL_DC routines?
January 1997

I have too many devices selected in my data log file. I like to generate a sub log file for critical devices I use for modeling. How can I generate this new log file?(
January 1997

How can I make BSIM3 extraction routine to provide defined VGS steps for IDS vs VDS characteristics?
March 1997

How many device geometries can be measured with BSIM3 extraction routine and used for optimization in ALL_DC routines?
November 1996

How can I improve the BSIM3v3 model fit for narrow width and small geometry's?
September 1996

What are the "binning parameters" and what is the benefit of using them in BSIM3v3?
September 1996

How can I install a new version of SILVACO Characterization tools without overwriting my previous version?
March 1996

I have successfully installed and used a new SPAYN version. However, I now want to go back and use my previous version. How do I do this?
March 1996

How do I invoke a specific version of a VYPER product standalone from the command line?
March 1996

How can I troubleshoot RS-232 to GPIB interface related problems for SUN, HP and IBM workstations?
January 1996

Will I be able to use the BSIM3 parameter extraction routine using a large geometry device which does not belong to the common length or width arrays?
November 1995

How should I install updates to VYPER, UTMOST, SPAYN or SmartSpice?
September 1995

Can we utilize the BSIM3 Extraction Routine in UTMOST to convert the HSPICE Level 28 model parameters to BSIM3 parameters?
July 1995

I have difficulty connecting UTMOST to the HSPICE circuit simulator. I am sure that I am giving the correct directory path to the location of HSPICE but when I try to run an UTMOST simulation using HSPICE as an External Simulator. I get the following message in the UTMOST main window: Can't Run SPICE. How can I rectify this?
May 1995

How can I ensure that the RS and RD parasitic resistance parameters track one another during an optimization?
March 1995

How can I interrupt a measurement, simulation or optimization in UTMOST?
March 1995

What are the functions of the SPICE Model Files (MOS.s, BIP.s, DIO.s, JFET.s, GAAS.s)?
March 1995

How can I measure and view multiple IDS/VGS and IDS/VDS curves together for each device in ALL_DC routines?
January 1995