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Device Simulation

Can ATLAS simulate an SEU event in 2D?
May 2003

Can ATLAS reproduce basic experiments to study the transient decay of carriers?
August 2002

Can ATLAS simulate a Schottky contact?
May 2002

Can ATLAS be used to perform large signal sinusoidal analysis?
November 2000

Can ATLAS be used to simulate advanced III-V or II-VI materials?
August 2000

Can ATLAS model the CV behavior of a MOS capacitor?
November 1999

How is temperature dependent breakdown voltage modeled in ATLAS?
August 1999

What are the options for generating 3D structures for ATLAS device simulation?
April 1997

How can solution quantities such as Electric Field by saved for plotting against applied bias?
February 1997

How can I remesh my process simulation result for device simulation?
June 1996

Can the workfunction of the MOS polysilicon gate contact be calculated by ATLAS based on the doping? Can poly depletion effects be simulated in ATLAS?
February 1996

How can the reverse short channel effect (RSCE) in MOSFETs be simulated using ATHENA and ATLAS? How can the physical effect behind RSCE be tuned?
December 1995

How can I extract the time of certain MM-solutions in ATLAS
November 1995

What choices of numerical methods are available in ATLAS? When should each type of method be used?
August 1995

Can ATLAS handle photogeneration from non-normally incident light? What syntax is used to determine the correct photogeneration rate?
June 1995