Simulation Standard - 2019



Volume 29, Number 1, January - February - March 2019

3D TFT Simulation of Grains and Grain Boundaries

Quantum Dot-Based Hybrid Light Emitting Diode Modelling Using Radiant

Verification of an Compact Model for Organic Thin-Film-Transistors by Using MixedMode Creating an CMOS Inverter Circuit with TCAD Transistor Devices

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Movie and PDF Report Generation with the DeckBuild GUI



Volume 29, Number 2, April - May - June 2019

Process Simulation – New Features in 2019 Baseline Release

Meshing – New Features in 2019 Baseline Release

Device Simulation – New Features in 2019 Baseline Release

Interactive Tools - New Features in 2019 Baseline Release



Volume 29, Number 3, July - August - September 2019

TCAD Simulation of Electric Field Distribution in Gallium Nitride Trench-based Power Devices

Channel-length Dependence of a-IGZO TFTs with Self-heating Effects

Simulation of Different Tunnel Junctions in InGaP/GaAs, InGaP/CdTe Dual Junction Solar Cells

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. Is it possible to emulate a deep reactive ion etch process (e.g. deep trench with scalloped sidewalls) without using a physical based process simulation, such as Victory Process?



Volume 29, Number 4, October - November - December 2019

Next Generation CMOS Nanowire: From Atoms to Circuit Simulation

Optimization of Select Gate Transistor in Advanced 3D NAND Memory Cell

RFSOI Switch Harmonics Simulations with Trap-Rich Substrate

Estimation of Interface Property Changes Between Normally On/Off Hydrogenated Diamond MISFETs