Simulation Standard - 2018



Volume 28, Number 1, January - February - March 2018

Advanced Process and Device 3D TCAD Simulation of Split-Gate Trench UMOSFET

Using TCAD to Reverse Engineer a 2N2222 BJT for Proton Damage Simulation

Optimization of PD-SOI CMOS Process and Devices for RF Applications



Volume 28, Number 2, April - May - June 2018

TCAD Simulation of Si and GaAs p-n Junction Devices at Cryogenic Temperatures, Down to 2 K

Bi-axial Deformation with Victory Mesh for Flexible Electronic Applications

TCAD-based GaN HEMT Scalable Modeling Flow Using the MVSG Compact Model

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Adding Random Noise to Mask Layout



Volume 28, Number 3, July - August - September 2018

3D Topography Simulation of SiC Epitaxial Growth Modeled by Diffusive Flux and Gibbs-Thomson Effect

An Empirical Composition Dependent Model of Dopant Diffusion Coefficients in Si, Si1-x Gex and Ge Material Systems

TCAD Simulation of Leakage Through Threading Dislocations in GaN-based pn-diode

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Gallium nitride (GaN)-based devices for power electronics show superior performance in comparison to silicon carbide and silicon-based devices [1]–[3].



Volume 28, Number 4, October - November - December 2018

Process Variation, Alignment and BEOL Effects on Circuit Level Performance

Touch Panel Capacitance Extraction in Hipex Full Chip Extraction Tool Using Stellar Field Solver

Dynamic Analysis of Liquid Crystal Pixels

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Adding An Impurity to a Diffusion Model