Simulation Standard - 2016



Volume 26, Number 1, January - February - March 2016

a-IGZO TFT Simulation

Blue LED Simulation

Unified Victory Conformal Export for 2D Process Mode

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. How can I Crop and Slice using a non-convex mask during the export?



Volume 26, Number 2, April - May - June 2016

Soft Error

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. What Types of 3D Delaunay Shape Refinement can be used in Victory Process?



Volume 25, Number 3, July - August - September 2016

Using Victory Process to Create Realistic Structures for Capacitance Extraction in Clever

Simulation of Device Degradation Due to Bias Temperature Stress

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. How to examine the scattering mechanisms that are contributing to the reduced channel mobility in 4H-SiC MOSFETs?

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. How to better visualize vectors and field lines in TonyPlot?


Volume 26, Number 4, October - November - December 2016

Victory Process 2D – A Valuable Alternative To SUPREM-based Simulators

Stress Induced by Intrinsically Strained Silicon Nitride Passivation Films of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs Using Victory Process 2D

TCAD Simulation of Impact Ionization at Cryogenic Temperatures, down to 3 K