Simulation Standard - 2014




Volume 24, Number 1, January - February - March 2014

Modeling the Optical Response of Phonon-dressed Excitons in OLED Simulations

Atlas Simulation of GaN-Based Super Heterojunction Field Effect Transistors Using the Polarization Junction Concept

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. In Victory Device, how do I illuminate my 3D device in an opto-electronic simulation?

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. How do I run a simulation on a cluster of computers using the distributed computing feature?



Volume 24, Number 2, April - May - June 2014

Generally Applicable Degradation Model for Silicon MOS Devices

Simulations of Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy for 4H-SiC

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. Using TonyPlot, can I achieve publication quality plots?

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. How can I calculate light extraction efficiency in an OLED or LED with pure optical simulation?

July - August - September



Volume 24, Number 3, July - August - September 2014

The Physics of Single Event Burnout (SEB)

Multiple SEU Strike Simulations on a Six Transistor 20nm SRAM Cell

Single Event Gate Rupture (SEGR) Simulations in Vertical Planar Power MOSFETs

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. I have an SEU beam in a 2D structure; the beam track is at an angle through the device. I don’t want to waste mesh by putting a fine mesh everywhere, is there anyway to mesh along the SEU beam track?

Hints, Tips and Solutions
Q. What Types of 3D Delaunay Shape Refinement can be used in Victory Process?




Volume 24, Number 4, October - November - December 2014

Simulating Radiation-Induced Shifts in MOSFET Threshold Voltage

Radiation-Induced Current Leakage Between Two n-MOSFET’s

Displacement Damage

Mixed Mode Radiation Event Detector