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Q: When I load Expert settings from a file sometimes I cannot see cell names in dialogs, see Figure 1.

Figure 1. Problem with cell names.


A: Probably your settings were saved on a computer with significantly different screen resolution. In this case sometimes sizes of some user interface features are calculated incorrectly. In your case the width of the column with cell names is wrong. Fortunately, it can be fixed easily, see Figure 2, where some other bad cases are shown.

Figure 2. Fixing bad column width.


Do not forget to save the updated settings.


Q: I generated some layers in Expert by DRC script run, and after that, derived layers can not be cleaned by "Tools\Derived Layers\Clean Derived Layers\ Whole Project", otherwise, derived layers generated by Maverick can be cleaned this way. How can I clean them all?

A: There are two types of generated layers in Expert: Derived and Scratch. You can see the type for each layer in Setup>>Technology>>Layer/Wire Setup. Derived layer requires derivation statement to be included in layer definition in technology. If a layer has flag Derived, click on 'Derivation' to see corresponding DRC command(s) for this layer. All layers, that marked Derived, can be cleaned by "Tools\Derived Layers\ Clean Derived Layers\Whole Project".

NEW layer generated by DRC script has flag Scratch. All layers, that have checkbox Scratch checked, can be cleaned by "Tools\Scratch layers\Clean Scratch layers\ Whole project". Scratch layers also can be completely deleted from technology by "Delete Scratch Layers from Technology" command. If DRC script used to generate shapes in layers, already listed in technology (e.g., input layers), they will not get this Scratch mark, so input layers can't be accidentally deleted from the project by this one command. You can use DRC script run for layer generation in Maverick as well. In fact, layer generation by script could be made more effective. In this case set "Use DRC Script File" instead of "Use Current Technology" for layer generation in Maverick Netlist Extractor Setup.


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