Silvaco Data Systems announces the release of CELEBRITY CAD suite: Expert layout editor, Savage DRC system and Guardian LVS for Linux platform.

Trends in the industry show that designers are using more and more Linux-based hardware and software for day-to-day applications due to nature of Linux functionality and availability. Linux is often considered an excellent, low-cost alternative to other more expensive operating systems. Linux supports IBM PC Architecture, Digital Alpha workstations, Sun Sparc processors, Motorola 680x0 based processors. There are a lot of Linux projects to support many others machines and architectures.

Expert originally designed for Windows platform was ported to the Linux using the Mainsoft’s Visual MainWin application porting software (www.mainsoft.com). The new Linux version of Expert met at least the same performance and reliability standards as their established Windows solution. Figures 1 and 2 show two different flavors of Expert’s user interface on Linux.


Figure1. Expert UI: Microsoft Windows Flavor


Figure 2. Expert UI: OS/Motif Flavor


Expert is a powerful IC layout editor for Win NT platform. Expert is fast, robust, interactive, fully hierarchical and very easy to use. Key Features and Benefits of Expert:

  • No limitations on size and complexity of ULSI designs
  • Intelligent geometry database offering fast processing speed and low memory requirements
  • Flexible tuning to different IC technologies
  • Integrated DRC with real-time, on-line or batch modes of use
  • Client-server design and library management
  • Powerful script language and command line interface
  • Parametric cell support
  • C/C++ interface
  • Efficient utilization of multithreading / multiprocessing
  • Convenient hierarchical navigation and selection
  • Cross sectional viewer
  • Electrical node probing
  • GDSII, Applicon and CIF import/export

The core DRC engine of Savage is ported to Linux directly, while its user interface is shared with Expert. As an additional benefit of the latest release of Savage is its parallel execution on multiprocessor computers, described in a separate article of this issue of "Simulation Standard".

The nearest plans for CELEBRITY suite are porting to Sun/Solaris.