Hints, Tips & Solutions - September 1997

Q: How can I create the same regions in two layers simultaneously?

A: Consider a simple tutorial example. Suppose we want to create identical objects in two layers ME1 and ME2 (e.g., when creating bonding pads). A possible plan of actions is:

  • Create objects in one layer, ME1;
  • Select the objects to be duplicated in layer ME2;
  • Save the selected objects into ME2.


The detailed actions are as follows.

  • Select from menu: Cell>>New, and enter cell name”pad”.
  • At the filling bar (see Figure 1), we uncheck “selected” and check “all rest”, because it will be convenient to see selected objects in wireframe mode and nonselected in filled mode.

Figure 1. Polygon fill menu from the Tool Bar.

  • Click the layer name strip for layer ME1 at the Layer bar (Figure 1). This strip becomes colored indicating that layer ME1 becomes active, i.e., primitive objects may be created in it.
  • Pick “Create Box” tool at the Tools bar (Figure 1) and draw some boxes, see Figure 2. You will see that the color strip for layer ME1 becomes checked, indicating that now layer ME1 contains some objects.

Figure 2. Objects drawn in layer ME1.

  • Pick “Select” tool at the Tools bar (the second tool in the first row, see Figure 1) and click at the required objects to select them. They will change their color to white and filling mode to wireframe, see Figure 3.

Figure 3. Wireframe display of selected polygons.


  • Click the layer name strip for layer ME2 at the Layer bar to make it active.
  • Select from menu: Select>>Save Selected>>To Layer. This command copies the selected object into the active layer. You will see that the color strip of layer ME2 at the Layer bar will become checked (see Figure 4), indicating that now this layer contains objects. Moreover, you will see that the selected boxes change their color (because the active layer overpaints all the remaining layers on the screen).

Figure 4. Objects copied to layer ME2.

You may wish to verify whether there are really two boxes lying one under another. The simplest way is to click AI (all invisible) button at the layer bar. You will see only the objects of the active layer (ME2). Then you make ME2 active and click AI button again. You will see only the objects of ME1. However if you wish to verify whether there are EXACTLY two boxes, you better use the Locator tool (the first one in the second row of the Tools bar, Figure 1).

You will easily see that there are only the required boxes at this place indeed, see Figure 5.

Figure 5. Using locator tool to verify copy operation.