New Release of PC SmartSpice

The second generation of MS-Windows based analog circuit simulator, SmartSpice Version 1.5.0 for Windows 95/NT is released. With 32-bit performance, greatly improved numerical stability, Windows interface and whole new graphical user interface (GUI) for its post-processor, SmartSpice 1.5.0 provides its users superior convergence, competitive simulation speed, high accuracy and instant productivity. This release comes with fully integrated optimizer for parametric optimization and model interpreter for user to design custom models. SmartSpice Version 1.5.0 contains fully integrated UC Berkeley BSIM3 Version 3.0 and 3.1 with significant improvements made in the BSIM3v3 Level 8.

Figure 1. SmartSpice main window.

SmartSpice 1.5.0 provides all necessary analysis techniques:

  • DC Analysis
  • AC Small-Signal Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Transfer Function
  • Network Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Noise Analysis
  • Distortion Analysis
  • Fourier Analysis
  • Forward and Reverse FFT
  • Monte Carlo/Worst-Case Analysis
  • Pole- Zero Analysis

Figure 2. SmartSpice Post Processor.

Figure 3. SmartSpice Optimizer screen.


Analysis dialogs, Vectors dialog, customized toolbar and on-line help have been improved in this release to allow more flexibility.

SmartSpice version 1.5.0 provides a much improved graphical post processor with new graphical user interface, enhanced measurement and display capabilities.

With a comprehensive and interactive interface for visualizing the optimization process, the fully integrated optimizer provides user with run-time graphical feedback and greatly helps users with their high-performance circuit design. The optimizer can fine-tune delay, rise/fall times, trip points, max/min current, and any other circuit performance measure.

SmartSpice is also tightly integrated into Viewlogic® Workview Office to offer better simulation solutions. OLE technology is used to bring seamless integration between SmartSpice and schematic front-end. Additional integration effort for other Schematic Capture tools are underway. Engineers will be able to benefit from advanced simulation technology. SmartSpice offers within their familiar design environment.


Figure 4. Viewlogic® schematic entry.