Simulation Standard - 1997


Volume 8, Number 1, January 1997

Flicker Noise Measurement and SPICE Parameter Extraction for Modeling and Characterization Service (Part 2)

Fundamental Improvements in BSIM3v3.1 Model (Available in SmartSpice)

Automated Model Binning

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Volume 8, Number 2, February 1997

Performing Optical Proximity Correction (OPC) in ATHENA

Simulation of Ion Irradiated Power Devices in ATLAS

Simulation of Silicon Germanium HBTs Using ATLAS/Blaze

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Volume 8, Number 3, March 1997

UCSD HBT SmartSpice Model Released!

Measuring Ring Oscillator Time Delay for CMOS, SOI and TFT Technologies

Improved and Expanded Reedholm Interface to UTMOST

Simulation of SOI Analog Circuits with SmartSpice

Simulation and Optimization of CMOS Noise Parameter (Part III)

Further Automation of Worst-Case SPICE Model Library Generation

New Release of PC SmartSpice

Diagnose Process Variations By Using SPC Charts and a Wafer Map

Diagnose Process Variations By Using Wafer Map and Highlighted Histogram Plot

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Volume 8, Number 4, April 1997

QUANTUM: Quantum Mechanical Simulator Released in ATLAS

SIMS-Verified Implant Models Released in ATHENA 4.3

Modifications and Additions to the Ferroelectric Model in ATLAS

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Volume 8, Number 5, May 1997

Parallel SmartSpice: Fast and Accurate Circuit Simulation Finally Available

SmartSpice Integration into the Cadence Design Framework

SmartSpice Integration into the Viewlogic Framework

Detect Process Variations Using Analysis of Variance and Wafer Map

Device Level Simulation Challenges for DSM Mixed Signal Design

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Volume 8, Number 6, June 1997

CLEVER - Process Technology Based Extraction and Optimization of Custom Cell Parasitics

EXACT - Process Technology Based Interconnect Parasitic Library Generation

Blaze Simulation of SiGe:Si Heterostructure p-MOSFETs

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Volume 8, Number 7, July 1997

Custom Implementation of Noise Models Using the SmartSpice Interpreter

An Efficient Use of Threads for SmartSpice Parallelization

Trouble-Shooting GPIB Communication Problems

Generation of a New SPAYN Database from a Limited Data Set

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Volume 8, Number 8, August 1997

Accurate Simulation of Channeling Implants Using Monte Carlo Techniques

Integration of New Physical Models in ATHENA

Dopant-Dependent Oxidation Modeling in ATHENA

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Volume 8, Number 9, September 1997

Introducing Expert ULSI Layout Processor for PC-based Platforms

Chip Navigation in Expert

Introducing Savage - Efficient Design Rule Checker for PC-based Platforms

Generalized Convexity Approach to Cell Boundary Shape Approximation

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Volume 8, Number 10, October 1997

SmartLib: Product-Independent SPICE Model Library

Parallel SmartSpice for PC

BSIM3v3.1 Intrinsic Capacitance Modeling in UTMOST

A New C-Interpreter

RPI Polysilicon and Amorphous TFT Implemented in SmartSpice


Volume 8, Number 11, November 1997

FastATLAS An Ultra-Fast Physical MESFET and HEMT Simulator

3D Numerical Simulation of the Pseudo-MOS Transistor for SOI Film Characterization

ATLAS Simulation of SiC Devices Using Anisotropic Mobility Models

3D Simulation of Heterostructure Devices

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Volume 8, Number 12, December 1997

Expert - PC NT Layout Editor

Minimal Area Design of Power/Ground Nets

Application of Scan Line Methodology to Perform Metric Operations in DRC

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