Q: How should I install updates to VYPER, UTMOST, SPAYN or SmartSpice?

A: The directory and license file structure of the Characterization Tools was changed prior to the last official release of UTMOST (Version: 10.10.1.R). The Characterization Tools, now use a new directory and release structure. This modification allows all of the Silvaco Tools to reside under the same directory structure and share the same license file.

When the new Characterization Tools tape or CD is loaded the following directories are generated in the installation directory:

<install_directory>/bin : Script Files.
<install_directory>/lib : Executables.
<install_directory>/etc : Utilities, License File.
<install_directory>/var : Data bases, Fonts.
<install_directory>/examples : Example Files.
<install_directory>/man : Manual Pages

Script Files are used to run the executables of VYPER, UTMOST, SPAYN or SmartSpice. Therefore "<install_directory>/bin" should be added to the "path" statement in the user's ".cshrc" file. The new directory structure allows users to switch between the previously used versions without setting the previously used $SILVACO or $VYPER environment variables. In fact if these variables exist in the ".cshrc" file, they should be deleted.

In order to load a new version of the Characterization Tools, change the directory to the "<install_directory>" and load the tape or CD. The update will have a different version number and therefore a new sub-directory under "<install_directory>/lib" will be created. The older versions will not be overwritten. For more information on the installation and the new directory structures please refer to the Silvaco "Installation, Migration and Troubleshooting Guide".

The following is an example showing the installation of a new version of UTMOST (version 10.10.8.A) on top of an existing UTMOST (version 10.10.1.R) installation. Accessing both versions through VYPER is also demonstrated and use of the SunOS 4.1.3 operating system is assumed in this example:

1. UTMOST executables for the version called 10.10.1.R should reside under <install_directory> /lib/utmost/10.10.1.R/sparc-sunos413/.

2. Change the directory to <install_directory> and load the contents of the tape.

3. After the installation there should be an additional sub-directory called <install_directory> /lib/utmost/10.10.8.A/sparc-sunos413/.

4. If you also received a new license file, load the license under<install_directory>/etc/ and change the name of the file to "license".

5. Run VYPER and press the "Files" button in the main VYPER window. Select "Net Setup". This will open the "Vyper Configuration" Screen.

6. Select "UTMOST" and press the "Connect" button. This will open the "Connect" Screen (Figure 1).

Figure 1. VYPER "Connect" screen with UTMOST version "10.10.8.A" selected

7. Press the button across from the "Version:" text. Versions "10.10.1.R" and "10.10.8.C" should be listed as menu items. Select "10.10.8.C" and press the "Apply" button. This will complete the connection of the new version of UTMOST.

8. Start UTMOST from the main VYPER window. The UTMOST version "10.10.8.C" will be activated.

This feature allows users to easily switch between the versions by using the "Version:" button in the "Connect" screen. Similar procedures can be employed for SmartSpice and Spayn.