BSIM3 Version 3.0 (Beta) Available to UTMOST Users

The Beta version of BSIM3 version 3.0 was released by Berkeley in July. These equations are available to UTMOST users on request and can be linked to UTMOST as a dynamically linked library. Details of how to link a dynamically model to UTMOST appeared in the May issue of Silvaco's Simulation Standard. The Beta version of BSIM3 version 3.0 includes the following changes over the Alpha version of the model:

Improved VBS dependence for threshold voltage, output conductance, mobility and parasitic resistances

  • A temperature dependence for the parasitic drain/source resistances
  • A single expression capacitance model
  • An improved non-quasi-static charge model
  • A new poly-silicon depletion modeling option
  • A new substrate current (Ibulk) model
  • A parameter binning option allowing all parameters to have L, W, and L x W dependences