Simulation Standard - 1995

Volume 6, Number 1, January 1995

Extracting BSIM3 Model Parameters Using UTMOST

Analog Behavioral Simulation Using SmartSpice

Hints & Tips

Volume 6, Number 2, February 1995

Simulation of Irradiation Effects in IGBTs with ATLAS

VWF Production Tools Bring VWF Capability Closer to Manufacturing Reality

Extraction of DC and AC SPICE Model Parameters From HBT Devices using the VWF

Hints & Tips

Volume 6, Number 3, April 1995

2D Simulation of Pseudomorphic Heterojunction Devices Using The Fully Coupled Carrier Energy Balance Model

Automatic Layout to SPICE 3D Interconnect Modeling

Monte Carlo Based Ballistic Deposition Model

Hints & Tips

Volume 6, Number 4, May 1995

A Preliminary Analysis of the BSIM3 Version 3 MOSFET Model using UTMOST

Low Power MOSFET Modeling Using the EKV Model

Statistical Parameter Analysis for a Process Under Development Using SPAYN

Linking Models Dynamically to UTMOST

Hints & Tips

Volume 6, Number 5, June 1995

Complete Simulation of SOI MOSFETs Using Nonisothermal Energy Balance

3D Device Simulation Using ATLAS/Device3D

The 1995 Software Release Features Strengthened and Expanded Virtual Wafer Fab

A Practical Example of VWF Methodology

Hints & Tips

Volume 6, Number 6, July 1995

An Investigation of the Suitability of PCA Results Obtained from Selected Wafer Lots to Characterize Future Wafer Lots.

Features of the SmartSpice Interpreter

BSIM3 Version 3.0 (Beta) Available to UTMOST Users

Modeling Bipolar Devices Using the MEXTRAM Model

Hints & Tips

Volume 6, Number 7, August 1995

ISEN Advanced Diffusion and Oxidation Models Slated for Inclusion in ATHENA

2-D Simulation of Ion Irradiated Silicon Power Devices

Analysis and Calibration of LOCOS Simulation using VWF

KTH Advances TCAD Program in Sweden

Quasi-3D Thyristor Latch-Up Simulations

Application of MixedMode Simulation to High Frequency Bipolar Characterization

Using the VWF Production Tools - Technology Objects

Hints & Tips

Volume 6, Number 8, September 1995

Introducing New Device Models into SmartSpice and UTMOST Using the SmartSpice Interpreter

Plotting UTMOST Results using TonyPlot

Hints & Tips

Volume 6, Number 9, October 1995

Polysilicon Diffusion Model

Device Modeling of PNP HBT Using ATLAS

Using The Power Of The Interactive Tools: Part 1deckBuild

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Volume 6, Number 10, November 1995

Extraction of Scalable Temperature Independent BSIM3 (Version 3) and Philips Level 9 MOSFET Models Using UTMOST

Comparing Worst-Case Models Generated by SPAYN to Models Derived Using Traditional Methods

A New Method for Extracting Reverse Transit Time (TR) in Bipolar Transistors

Hints & Tips

Volume 6, Number 11, December 1995

Automated TCAD Calibration Procedure Using A Combination of VWF Automation and Production Tools

A User's Perspective on Simulator Calibration

Single-Event Gate-Rupture in Power MOSFETs: Prediction of Breakdown Biases and Evaluation of Oxide Thickness Dependence

The Simulation of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials for Use in High Temperature and Other Applications

Device Simulation of a Trench-IGBT with Integrated Diverter Structures

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