Small Signal AC Analysis for CMOS and Bipolar Transistors

by Dr. A.Tcherniaev, A.Strachan,Dr.V.Kompelmakher, T.Clark, and Dr.I.Pesic


The AC analysis portion of S-Pisces 2B has been rewritten to use an algorithm that guarantees high frequency convergence. S-Pisces 2B can now produces, y, z, and h parameters over any frequency range. The graphics display can be in polar or Smith chart form. The illustration below is an s-parameter plot recently obtained for a customer's 17.5 GHz bipolar process.

Figure 1.

As reported in the April '92 Simulation Standard, S-Pisces 2B is now fully interfaced with UTMOST II for SPICE parameter extraction. As an example of the resulting capabilities, S-Pisces 2B was used to model CGS, CGD, and CGB overlap oxide capacitances and CJ and CJSW junction capacitances of MOS devices (see figure 2.).

Figure 2.