Virtual Wafer Fab (VWF) and its Competitor
Synopsys Workbench

Virtual Wafer Fab (VWF) is software used for performing Design of Experiments (DOE), Optimization Experiments, and is a suitable replacement for Synopsys Workbench. Split-lots can be used in various pre-defined analysis methods. Split parameters can be defined for any of Silvaco's process, device, parasitic extraction and circuit simulators.

All simulations can be carried out in parallel either on a cluster of workstations or on a single SMP machine. VWF comes with a GUI, that also enables examination of experimental results.

VWF provides the following key features:

  • VWF can represent an entire flow from process simulation to spice circuit performance, or just part of the flow
  • Flexible system allows experiments to be defined where any mix of masks, process parameters, device parameters, circuit parameters or tuning coefficients can be defined as input variables
  • Experiments can be defined by varying the input parameters via a DOE such as Box Behnken, via an optimization algorithm like Levenberg-Marquardt or manually
  • Output responses of interest can be measured from the entire flow including process characteristics such as oxide thickness, device characteristics such as a threshold voltage, or circuit characteristics such as rise time
  • Each experimental variation can be run on a network of hosts to shorten simulation time
  • Response models can be generated over the experimental spread and then input parameters can be rubber banded to see the effect on output responses
  • A full worksheet of input and measured output responses can be exported to SPAYN for additional statistical analysis, or to TonyPlot for viewing purposes

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