3D Interactive Visualization Tool

TonyPlot 3D™ is a powerful visualization tool for displaying 3D data generated by the Silvaco TCAD simulators and 3D field solver based parasitic extraction tools.


3D interactive visualization tools were developed to help engineers quickly interpret simulation results and generate meaningful reports in less time.

Designed for intuitive interaction, TonyPlot 3D produces vivid 3D visualizations for Silvaco’s 3D TCAD and 3D parasitic extraction products. Visualization modes are provided for regions, contours, isosurfaces, rays and vectors.


  • Produces vivid 3D visualizations for Atlas 3D, Victory Process, and Silvaco’s 3D parasitic products
  • Rotation and zooming by intuitive mouse actions
  • Point and click probing of points within the 3D structure
  • Plot surface contours and isosurfaces for any simulated variable
  • Cut-plane tool for creating 2D slices


  • Visualize and probe the structure data from Silvaco’s 3D TCAD and 3D parasitic extraction products


Narrow-n Channel MOS


TonyPlot 3D supports easy graphical rotation around any axis (x, y, z) repositioning or zoom in/out by intuitive mouse movements TonyPlot 3D plots isosurfaces within FinFET 3D structure displaying electron concentration through transparent poly and gate oxide regions

Technical Specifications

  • Can visualize any Silvaco 3D structure file