1D/2D Interactive Visualization Tool

TonyPlot™ is a powerful tool designed to visualize TCAD 1D and 2D structures produced by Silvaco TCAD simulators.


Accurate predictive simulation has a become a critical tool to help technologists realize time and cost efficiencies in development and process integration to meet today’s increasingly stringent scaling requirements. To address the challenges posed by ever decreasing geometrical device dimensions, two-dimensional interactive visualization tools were developed to provide users insight into data that may be otherwise difficult to interpret.

TonyPlot provides visualization and graphic features such as pan, zoom, views, labels, and multiple plot support. TonyPlot also provides many TCAD specific visualization functions, such as HP4154 emulation, 1D cut lines from 2D structures, animation of markers to show vector flow, integration of log or 1D data files and fully customizable TCAD specific colors and styles.


  • Flexible graphical analysis tool specifically developed for TCAD visualization assists in rapid prototyping and developing of process and device designs
  • Plotting engine supports all common 1D and 2D data views including: 1D x-y data, 2D contour data, 2D meshed data, smith charts and polar charts
  • Exports data in many common formats (jpg, png, bmp, SPICE raw file, and CSV) for use in reports or by third party tools
  • Flexible labels allow plots to be annotated to create meaningful figures for reports and presentations
  • Hard copy output to most printer types
  • Integrated suite of probes, rulers, and other measurement tools allows detailed analysis of 1D and 2D structures
  • Overlays allow multiple plots to be easily compared
  • Animated markers allow quick visualization of vector quantities within devices
  • Function and macro editor allows complex functions and macros to be defined that can be visualized as normal 1D quantities, enabling calculation of M-plots for OLED devices
  • Quasi 3D mode allows visualization of multi-dimensional data


  • Common visualization tool across all Silvaco TCAD products
  • Fully customizable including: colors, materials, legends, toolbars and shortcuts


  • Overlay 1D log files and visualize how process conditions affect electrical results
  • Create animated plot sequences to provide insight into devices not available from a static image
  • Create 1D slices from 2D structures. Slicing can be automated to generate several slices through a structure
TonyPlot allows figures to be overlaid, here three design frequencies, 2, 5 and 10 GHz are compared TonyPlot can plot contours of any quantity in 2D structure files