Pre and Post Processing Tools

The Interactive Tools are a suite of applications that provide interactive GUI-based pre and post processing services to Silvaco’s 1D, 2D and 3D TCAD simulators. The tools within the interactive tools suite are fully integrated and provide users with a comfortable environment within which all TCAD simulations can be performed.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use GUI interface
  • Powerful plotting tools targeted to TCAD simulations
  • Interactive run-time environment with automatic optimizer
  • Automatically interface between different mask layouts and different simulators
  • Powerful extraction language allows objective measurements of results such as oxide thickness or Vt

ATHENA - 1D/2D Process Simulation Framework Victory Device - 3D Device Simulation Framework Victory Process - 3D Process Simulator ATLAS - Device Simulation Framework DeckBuild Runtime Environment DevEdit Structure & Mesh Editor 1D/2D Interactive Visualization Utility 3D Interactive Visualization Utility MaskViews Layout Editor


DeckBuildDeckBuild is an interactive runtime and input file development environment within which all Silvaco’s TCAD and several other Silvaco products can run.



TonyPlotTonyPlot is a powerful tool designed to visualize TCAD 1D and 2D structures. TonyPlot provides visualization and graphic features such as pan, zoom, views, labels and multiple plot support.


TonyPlot 3D

TonyPlot 3DTonyPlot 3D is a powerful tool designed to visualize TCAD 3D structures. TonyPlot3D provides visualization and graphic features and can export cutplanes to TonyPlot 2D.



MaskViewsMaskViews is a simple to use, yet powerful layout editor that can read, write, create and edit layout files in either GDS2 or Silvaco’s layout format. MaskViews has numerous features that tightly integrate it into Silvaco’s process and optolithographic tools as well as Silvaco’s 3D parasitic products



DevEditDevEdit can be used to either create a device from scratch or to remesh or edit an existing device. DevEdit creates standard Silvaco structures that are easily integrated into Silvaco 2D or 3D simulators and other support tools.


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