Interactive Deck Development and Runtime Environment

DeckBuild™ is the graphical front end to all Silvaco TCAD simulators. It allows users to create, edit and run simulation input decks.


DeckBuild has been re-implemented from scratch to provide a modern state-of-the-art look and feel graphical user interface (GUI).

DeckBuild is an interactive runtime and input file development environment within which all of Silvaco’s TCAD and several other EDA products can run. DeckBuild has numerous simulator-specific and general debugger style tools, such as powerful extract statements, GUI-based process file input, line-by-line runtime execution, and intuitive error messages. DeckBuild contains an extensive library of hundreds of pre-run example decks which cover many technologies and materials, and also allow the user to rapidly become highly productive.


  • GUI-based auto-creation of Athena and Victory Process 2D process simulation input files
  • Track extracted parameters, defined variables and all files created during simulation
  • Allows to single step through simulation deck
  • Supports arbitrary number of stop points where execution of deck is halted
  • Implements powerful syntax highlighting to emphasize statements, such as parameter extraction or variable definition
  • Supports optimizing on any real-valued parameter in input deck


  • Allows user to quickly get started with Athena or Victory Process by using deck creation mechanism
  • Offers large base of more than 500 examples


  • Creating, running and debugging TCAD process and device input files, as well as a number of Silvaco EDA products, such as Clever
  • Loading and running example files from a large base of over 500 examples, ranging from standard CMOS to diverse technologies, such as III-V VCSELS or devices made from organic materials
  • DeckBuild seamlessly joins input files from different simulators by passing standard format structure files




Technical Specifications

  • Advanced deck editing
  • Extracted results and structure files presentation