In the research community, as well as among EDA and fabless companies, Silvaco’s Open Cell Libraries (Silvaco OCLs) have become the de-facto option for exploring new algorithms, methodologies, design flows and circuit implementations that will eventually transform our industry tomorrow. The increase in complexity of state-of-the-art technologies is forcing companies to join the research community in finding alternative ways of presenting and validating new ideas both in the EDA and the IC design worlds. To help in this challenge and to provide an accurate solution, Silvaco has developed and has made available standard cell libraries that uses NCSU’s FreePDK – an open-source, fictitious, non-manufacturable process – that represents the challenges of the advanced geometry nodes while only utilizing information available in the research community.


Here are the Silvaco Open Cell Libraries currently available:


  • Silvaco 45nm Open Cell Library:  This open cell library was donated to the research community. It’s currently being distributed by Si2. It is based on the NCSU FreePDK45 process kit. The development for this library is finalized and no further updates will be made available.