Silvaco Library Platform™, the most comprehensive productivity tool suite that enables efficient creation and validation of large numbers of digital cell libraries.


Silvaco Cello

Silvaco Cello™ is the industry’s most versatile, integrated and easy-to-use solution for digital cell library creation, optimization and process migration. It enables designers of digital CMOS ICs to custom-tailor digital cell libraries and explore the impact of alternate device models, design rules and cell architectures.


Viola™ is a unique, all-inclusive package for fast and accurate characterization of digital cell libraries. The package includes a powerful Spice-based characterization engine with fully automated stimulus generation, a library model checker and a databook generator.

Silvaco Liberty Analyzer

Silvaco Liberty Analyzer™ displays, analyzes, compares and validates Liberty™ files for timing, power, noise and area. Liberty Analyzer handles multiple NLDM, NLPM, CCS and ECSM models at library, cell, pin and individual arc levels while providing insightful statistical data. It displays and plots relative and absolute differences with configurable thresholds for easy spotting of trends and outliers. Its validation routines include a sanity check that validates libraries for use with any design flow.