The Silvaco 45nm Open Cell Library is an open-source, standard-cell library provided for the purposes of testing and exploring EDA flows.


Silvaco has developed and donated this library to for open use. The library is intended to aid university research programs and organizations such as Si2 in developing flows, developing circuits and exercising new algorithms.  Collaboration with Si2 allows the standards organization be the exclusive distribution channel, so please register at Si2-Nangate site.


In its most updated release,  the Open Cell Library contains over 62 different functions ranging from buffers to scan flip-flops with set and reset, including specialized low power cell. With multiple drive strength variants, the library includes over 170 different standard cells.


The library was generated using Silvaco's Library Creator™ and the 45nm FreePDK Base Kit from North Carolina State University (NCSU) and characterized with Silvaco’s NanSpice™ using the Predictive Technology Model (PTM) from Arizona State University (ASU). Silvaco announced the original release on March 3, 2008, with the most recent update on August, 2011.

Scan Flip-flop with Set and Reset

The library will be enhanced over time based on user suggestions and requests. If you have suggestions for development of the library then please fill out the Feedback form with your suggestions.

The 45nm Open Cell Library contains the following views:

  • Liberty (.lib) formatted libraries with CCS Timing, ECSM Timing and NLDM/NLPM data (slow, typical, fast, low temperature and worst low temperature corners)
  • Geometric library in Library Exchange Format (LEF)
  • Simulation libraries in Verilog and Spice (pre and post parasitic extracted netlists)
  • Cell layouts in GDSII
  • Schematics in EDIF and PNG formats
  • Library databook in HTML format
  • OpenAccess database containing layouts and netlists


Update and News Notifications

Silvaco is no longer updating this library. For recent releases, please refer to our FreePDK15 Open Cell Library.