Easy Migration

from ISE Dessis TCAD Device Simulator to SILVACO ATLAS

While Silvaco ATLAS and ISE TCAD device simulator Dessis differ in syntax, inputs and outputs, Silvaco has developed and continues to maintain a tested conversion tool to ensure ISE Dessis capability and compatibility. ATLAS can do everything that Dessis can do that has a value today, plus a lot more. Buying Silvaco software is like buying a superset of Dessis. Switching to Silvaco ATLAS is simple and easy. Dessis users who switch to Silvaco ATLAS can preserve their legacy of work without having to recalibrate their model coefficients or learn new software.

ATLAS/Dessis Compatibility Features

  • Syntax conversion for keywords, parameters
  • Physical models
  • Material parameter defaults
  • Automatic loading of ISE ASCII structure files

Key Benefits of SILVACO’s ISE Compatibility

  • Support for customer-demanded: - Physics - Syntax - Import file formats
  • Existing Dessis input decks can be converted to ATLAS syntax allowing straightforward transfer of years of know-how and calibration
  • Compatibility features have been tested for years with existing ISE-based TCAD users


Dessis is a trademark of Synopsys, Inc.