True 3D field solver with advanced lithography and realistic etch deposition models

Clever and its Competitors
Synopsys Raphael, Magma QuickCap, Ansoft Q3D, OEA International Cell-AN

Clever is a physics-based RC extractor that uses GDSII mask data and a built-in 3D etch/deposit process and lithography simulator to create realistic 3D structures for MEMS, advanced CMOS, TFT, Memory cells, etc. Clever solves Poisson’s equations with local Adaptive Mesh refinement and back annotates the extracted RCs in SPICE netlist format. Clever can be used as a replacement for Raphael, QuickCap, Q3D and Cell-AN, and provides the following key features:

  • Best accuracy with user selected tolerance and adaptive local mesh refinement
  • Built-in etch and deposit process for realistic structure generation – suitable for all technologies and arbitrary 3D shapes
  • Built-in physics based lithography simulator. Only RC extractor in the industry capable of reproducing the lithographic effects of Optical Proximity Correction (OPC) sub wavelength effects, phase-shifts mask (PSM), misalignment, defocus, and ΔCD.
  • Built-in netlist extractor for extracting an active device SPICE netlist
  • Automated contact and gate electrode SPICE netlist annotator
  • User-selectable materials and boundary conditions
  • No restriction on geometry size – 65nm, 45nm and below
  • Automatic back annotation of field solved resistances and capacitances onto extracted active device netlist for immediate SPICE analysis
  • Optimize circuit performance as a function of back end process parameters and layout parameters
  • Symmetric boundary condition to allow users to perform Cyclic Simulations
  • Selective area parasitic extraction enables maximum accuracy for critical layout windows
  • Simulation of Dummy Conductors using Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
  • High level of automation (integrated with VWF)

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