Verilog Netlist to SPICE Netlist Converter

Catalyst DA is a software program that translates a structural Verilog netlist into equivalent SPICE format netlist to be used for layout verification or SPICE simulation.

Key Features:

  • An automated solution for generating SPICE netlists from Verilog structural description
  • Accepts IEEE 1364-2001 Verilog input files
  • Capable of generating netlists in Calibre extended SPICE format as well as standard SPICE format
  • Performs syntax and syntactical checking of Verilog source files
  • Performs a partial translation of Verilog netlists even if some module definitions are not available
  • Automatically creates and connects SPICE power and ground nets
  • Capable of handling multi-million gate Verilog netlists
  • Catalyst DA and Guardian LVS together deliver a complete layout verification solution
  • Silvaco's strong encryption is available to protect valuable customer and third party intellectual property.

Additional Features

  • Command options can be integrated into an option file for easy reuse and better project management
  • Flexible power and ground net naming options
  • Option to name primitive gates to resolve name conflicts
  • User can add additional pins to a subcircuit definition

Input Example:

module top ();
supply1 PWR;
supply0 GND;
wire [0:1] w1;
wire a,b,c;
A inst1 ( 2’b10, w1 );
and inst2 (a, b, c);

module A ( in1, out1 );
input [0:1] in1;
output [0:1] out1;

Output Example:

Xinst1 PWR GND w1[0] w1[1] A
Xinst2 a b c and


.SUBCKT A in1[0] in1[1] out1[0] out1[1]

Catalyst DA Inputs/Outputs

Rev 042513_04