Short Term Development Roadmap

  • Generate SDF forward annotation path timing constraints
  • Generate Synopsys NET format net timing constraints
  • Expand SDF generation to output full gate level regression backannotation timing

Long Term Development Roadmap

  • Add SDC import
  • Support built-in automatic antenna fixing/avoidance
  • Add support for GDSII full view MASKOUT
  • Extend SDC generation options to support v1.7 features
  • Expand route order control options by timing and congestion
  • Expand via management
  • Increase placement-router global route correlation
  • Augment hierarchical design flow support
  • Expand floorplanning options
  • Automatic floorplanning Global Route Engine
  • Track Assignment Engine
  • Grid-less Detail Routing Engine
  • Develop High-Speed electro-physically-aware wire RC extractor engine
  • Develop In-Place-Optimization (IPO) engine
  • Open Access import and export
  • Integration with EXPERT
  • Augment CLKTREE and High Fanout Net (HFN) processing
  • Simplify ECO flow methods
  • Extend PGREDIT Pwr & Gnd editor options
  • Metal-fill to support timing-driven mode
  • Expand DSM DRC rule support

Last revised November 12, 2013