Short Term Development Roadmap

  • Add new options to project properties
  • Support more than two markers in waveform viewer

Long Term Development Roadmap

  • Support for FSDB file format
  • Enable visual debug feature for 64-bit platforms
  • Schematic view for tracing
  • SmartView:
    • Digital signal search to change
    • Provide association between Digital chart and source window
    • Digital vector radix selection
    • Digital marker resolution restricted to simulation maximum precision
    • Add digital display groups
    • Mark multiple signal changes on digital charts
    • Digital chart:
      • Add signal/group reordering
      • Scroll to a marker
      • Scroll to a time point
      • Add Blank/One/Zero traces
      • Rename trace
      • Preview or horizontal scrollbar
      • Scan to value
      • Expression display
      • Display analog signals as digital
      • Go to signal definition
      • Display source line for a signal change
      • Drag and drop signals from source window
      • Trace feature
      • Signal name horizontal scroll

Last updated November 5th, 2013