Long Term Development Roadmap
  • Add read-only propertiy for layout objects
  • Add Swap components feature
  • Add Cell Bookmarks feature with a new toolbar
  • Integration with SPIDER


  • Constraint-Aware Editing
  • Automatic correction of DRC violation
  • Add Template Pcells for creation of complex devices without scripting
  • Update SDL real-time connectivity
  • Hierarchical net tracer
  • Simultaneous editing of a cell by multiple users


  • Dynamic measurements
  • Dynamic object information
  • Dynamic slot generation
  • Mouse gestures recognition
  • Redesign Search dialog for easy filtering of object-types
  • Improve functionality of Cell Map window
  • Show drag-lines on moving objects
  • Enhanced dimming of layout objects
  • Add Activate net feature to Select tool
  • Add Push wire feature
  • Add Intelligent attaching for wires
  • Add Draw by rule feature for wires
  • Support center, left and right reference lines for wires
  • Add objects view/selection management window
  • Add guided routing of single nets and buses

Integration with Gateway

  • Automatic synchronization between layout and schematic
  • Automated correction of discrepancies and match layout problem back to schematics

OpenAccess compatibility

  • Support of stretch handles for PCells
  • New object type Dot
  • Support of Blockage areas
  • Add Markers feature
  • Add Steiners-interconnections between (multi)wires
  • Add support for Interoperable Process Design Kit (iPDK)

Last revised February 8th, 2013