Short Term Development Roadmap

  • Improve Clever/Hipex interface for device contact assignments
  • Introduce capability to use field solver for extraction of parasitic resistance
  • Enhance netlist toolbox to ensure parasitic network integrity
  • Provide options to control sub-node assignment in RC netlist
  • Refurbish auto-explode mode to handle layout hierarchy pathologies
  • Improve parasitic resistance extraction for duplicated ports

Long Term Development Roadmap

  • Provide technology file pre-parsing for RC Extraction
  • Introduce option to output Model Name in RC Extraction
  • Support order specification for conductor layers
  • Introduce Black-boxing for parasitic resistance extraction
  • Boost node probing performance for large designs
  • Enhance contact clustering with flexible mode to improve extraction accuracy
  • Provide single run extraction of multiple process corners

Last revised January 9th, 2014