True SPICE accuracy for simulating full chip static, dynamic and leakage power for signal integrity of clock trees with extended parasitics and victim/aggressor nets

SmartSpice and its Competitors
HSPICE, Spectre, Eldo, PSpice, T-Spice, Hsim

SmartSpice delivers the highest performance and accuracy required to design complex high precision analog circuits, analog mixed-signal circuits, analyze critical nets, characterize cell libraries, etc.. SmartSpice is compatible with popular analog design flows and foundry supplied device models. SmartSpice is based on the original Berkeley SPICE simulation architecture but radically enhanced for current and future technology designs. It can be used in place of HSPICE, SPECTRE, ELDO, Pspice, T-Spice and Hsim, and provides the following key features:

  • 100% HSpice and SPECTRE compatible for netlists, models, analysis features and results
  • Provides the most accurate circuit simulation results for critical analog designs
  • Offers largest capacity of any true SPICE circuit simulator – up to 400K active devices in 32bit and greater than 8 million active devices in 64bit version
  • Fastest run-time of any true SPICE circuit simulator and the only SPICE supporting true multi-threading for parallel operation
  • Multiple solvers and stepping algorithms for robust convergence
  • Largest collection of calibrated SPICE models for traditional technologies (Bipolar, CMOS) and emerging technologies (TFT, SOI, HBT, FRAM, FINFET etc.)
  • Provides open model development environment and extensive analog behavioral capability through the use of Verilog-A
  • Enables SEE (Single Event Effects) reliability analysis for nanometer scale designs
  • In-built powerful Optimizer (bisectional or multi-variable) to quickly migrate from design concept to full device implementation
  • Analog circuit simulation with device model reporting to ensure accurate circuit simulations

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