SCHEMATIC EDITOR – Fully Functional, Limited to 50 Elements

Gateway200 is a fully featured version of the Gateway schematic editor limited ONLY by a circuit size of up to 10 transistors and/or a total of 50 circuit elements. It is ideal for faculty members, students, and designers of small circuits. Gateway200 is integrated with SmartSpice, SmartSpice200, SmartSpiceRF, SILOS, and HSPICE.

Gateway200 is suitable for product evaluation, teaching, and training.

Key Features

  • Powerful schematic capture and editor functionality to create and modify multi-view, multi-sheet, hierarchical IC designs
  • Seamless integration with SmartSpice Circuit Simulator that creates an interactive design environment with behavioral models, cross-probing, waveform display, and analysis
  • Create HSPICE compatible input decks
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Full Functionality

  • Easy to create symbols, subcircuits, subschematics, and Verilog-A models
  • Comprehensive symbol creation and editing features for simulation, schematic-driven-layout, and LVS compatibility
  • User-configurable keys for repetitive tasks and to emulate legacy capture tools
  • Comprehensive search and replace to process porting, IP reuse, and interactive design
  • Hierarchical capture for modular, reusable designs, libraries, and working with legacy circuits
  • Powerful edit-in place functions with wires, busses, bus ripping, and bus merging
  • Designer configurable rule checks show electrical drawing rule violations and illegal names


Gateway200 provides a front-end to hierarchical design with cross-probing, marching waveforms, analysis options, and optimization.


Ease of Use and Adoption

  • Easy to use for both new and experienced designers with intuitive left-to-right design approach, tool tips, and batch simulation control
  • Easy to set up multi-user environment with libraries and import legacy data using EDIF
  • Help functions and tool tips for new users
  • Parameter minimum/maximum checking eliminates entry errors
  • Supports wire to wire, wire to pin, wire by name, and implicit/global connections


Integrated Custom IC Design Platform

  • Front-to-back design automation solution for custom analog circuits
  • Connects Silvaco behavioral modeling, schematic, circuit simulation layout, LVS, and parasitic extraction with proven feedback flows
  • Integrated with SmartView Graphical Waveform Postprocessor for overlayed measurements of delays, slopes, overshoots, rise-time, and eye diagrams – complete with vector calculator
  • Powerful cross-probing between schematic and post-processing provide real-time design feed back
  • Call-backs evaluate expressions in real-time for design rules, tolerances, parametric calculation, and process skews
  • DC bias display for currents and voltages throughout hierarchy


Gateway200 provides an environment for mixing transistor and behavioral level (Verilog-A) schematics to minimize design time and maximize efficiency. Verilog-A schematics may be used for behavioral block design or compact model design.


Designer Productivity

  • Creates multiple views for layout, simulation, and LVS for design integrity and smooth tapeouts
  • Spreadsheet data entry, netlist import, EDIF reader, and automatic symbol generation for easy re-use of legacy circuits
  • Supports encrypted netlists behind symbols in design kits for IP distribution
  • Marching waveforms allow real-time viewing of simulation results to check on long simulations
  • Efficient control of the design flow between schematic, simulation, and analysis
  • Highlights errors and zooms to schematic location/level for correction


DC bias for currents and voltages for Hierarchical and flat drawings.


Gateway in Complete Custom IC Design Platform

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