SmartSpice RF

Short Term Development Roadmap

  • Improve the convergence and accuracy of Shooting method and Harmonic Balance
  • Improve memory utilization in Shooting method and Harmonic Balance
  • Develop new algorithm to improve simulation for the stiff systems
  • Improve the simulation of autonomous system
  • Develop Multi-rate Harmonic Balance, which enables different harmonics to be set for different parts of an RF circuit

Longer Term Development Roadmap

  • Nonlinear analysis with Perturbation Projection Vector (PPV) of the injection locking phenomenon of OSCILLATOR and PLL
  • Automated generation of nonlinear behavior PLL model
  • Improvement of the phase noise analysis in the behavior model of OSCILLATOR/PLL
  • Develop Fast simulation Method for integer-N PLL on transistor level
  • Develop an automated flow for time-domain noise and jitter analysis of integer-N and fractional-N phase locked loop blocks
  • Implement Verilog-A model procedures for frequency-domain analysis

Last modified January 7th, 2014