S3245A Noise Amplifier

The S3245A Noise Amplifier is specifically designed for high performance /high accuracy flicker noise measurements in package or on wafer. The noise amplifier can be used in conjunction with Silvaco’s UTMOST III automatic parameter extraction software or stand alone for manual and interactive flicker noise measurements.

The advanced design of the S3245A amplifier meets the requirements for low amplitude noise measurements by providing constant gain for frequencies up to 300kHz. The S3245A noise amplification system allows users to provide automatic DC biasing for noise measurements.




Amplifier Type: Non-Inverting Voltage Amplifier.
Amplifier Gain: 121
Amplifier Bandwidth: 300 kHz
Amplifier Noise Floor: -128 dB (V)
Frequency Range: 0.25 Hz - 1 MHz.
Load Resistance: 11 kΩ
Current range: +/- 10µA to +/- 10mA.
Voltage range: +/- 50V max.
Output impedance
100Ω to 1MΩ
Input impedance
0 to 100MΩ


Front Panel

Output to DUT: 4 BNC connectors for device terminals.
Input to Amplifier: 4 Triax connectors for DC Analyzer SMUs.
Indicator: Power.


Power ( 50-60 Hz)

  110-120 +/- 10% VAC
  220-240 +/- 10% VAC



Dimensions (WxHxD): 8’’x 4.75’’x 9.75’’
  ( 20.5cm. x 12 cm. x 25 cm.)
Weight: 7.5 lb (3.4 kg)


Operating Environment

Temperature: 0o C to 125o C
Humidity: 10% to 90% noncondensing.


System Requirements

DC Analyzer: HP4141, HP4142, HP4145, HP4155/56
Dynamic Signal Analyzer: HP3561, HP3562, HP35660, HP35665, HP35670
Computer Operating Systems: Solaris, Linux
Software: UTMOST version 15.2.0 or later with Noise Module
GPIB Interface: National Instruments GPIB-232CT-A Serial to GPIB converter Box
Cables: 5 BNC cables, 4 Triax cables.

Rev. 102207_05