The APB Remap Module is a standard APB peripheral that provides a two-bit output signal that may be used by an AHB Address Decoder module to implement remap functionality.  A Remappable area is an area of decodable address space that can be configured to point to one of several locations, e.g. SRAM, FLASH, etc.

In a typical processor-based system, a processor will boot from a specific area of the memory map.  Usually, non-volatile memory (e.g. FLASH) is assigned to the processor’s boot area in the memory map, but there are instances when it is necessary for volatile memory (e.g. SRAM) to be located at the boot area.  The Remap module register provides a two-bit signal to the address decoder.  The address decoder uses the two-bit remap signal to select one of (up to) four memory areas to be placed at the processor boot location.


  • AMBA® 2.0 Compatible
  • Provides ability to remap Flash or SRAM to boot location
  • Useful for software development as well as product deployment


  • Verilog Source
  • Complete Test Environment