The AHB Arbiter arbitrates for the AHB bus among as many as four AHB masters.  The AHB Arbiter implements a round-robin arbitration algorithm to AHB Masters that are requesting use of the bus.  Only one master may control a given phase of the AHB transaction at a given time.

AHB is a pipelined bus in which there are three distinct phases: Arbitration Phase, Address (or Control) Phase, and Data Phase.  A consequence of pipelining is that these phases overlap in time.  For example, it is possible that Master A wins the Arbitration Phase that is coincident with the Address Phase owned by Master B and the Data Phase owned by Master C.  It is in these terms that an AHB system must be discussed.

The AHB Arbiter has four distinct Mirrored-Master Ports, each of which can be connected to an AHB Master (e.g. a processor or a DMA Controller), and one Port that connects to an AHB subsystem, typically through an AHB Channel module.


  • AMBA® 2.0 Compatible
  • Supports up to 4 AHB Masters
  • Round Robin Arbitration
  • Easily Expandable


  • Verilog Source
  • Complete Test Environment
  • AHB Bus Functional Model
  • C-Sample Code