Silvaco Begins Filing Lawsuits Against Companies for Use of Stolen Software

September 30th, 2003

The Superior Court of the State of California entered a Judgment on August 18, 2003 that found that Circuit Semantics (CSI) had stolen, repackaged, and sold Silvaco's SmartSpice circuit simulator as DynaSpice.

All CSI customers known to Silvaco were notified via registered mail that they had purchased stolen property. Silvaco requested that the companies either re-license the stolen products through Silvaco or certify that they have ceased using and deleted the affected products as listed in Attachment A of the Judgment.

Some CSI customers acted honorably and secured a valid license under very
favorable terms. Unfortunately, many companies have refused to cooperate with this simple request and left Silvaco with no choice but to pursue justice through the court system.

List of lawsuits filed to date:

See also the full chronology of the legal action.