Silvaco Responds with New Lawsuit Against Circuit Semantics for Conduct After Judgment Was Entered

Immediately following the entry of judgment, the court-certified thief Circuit Semantics (CSI) launched a massive campaign of misinformation. This campaign includes sending a letter dated September 9th, 2003 via email and mail, and is supported by numerous phone calls. The letter completely contradicts the clear ruling issued by the Superior Court of the State of California.

Many companies are asking Silvaco for comment on this letter and other statements made by CSI. Silvaco has been left with no choice but to seek redress in the Court, which is the appropriate forum.

On September 19th, 2003 Silvaco filed a $50,000,000 lawsuit against CSI and Ewald Detjens.

This is Silvaco's response.

See also the full chronology of the legal action.