Victory OMNI 2D/3D License

All Tools, One License, Flat Fee For Either 2D or 3D

Victory OMNI 2D/3D License is a pioneering licensing methodology that enables process/device engineers to access any of the Silvaco TCAD tools with a single license. The Victory OMNI License allows access to all TCAD frameworks, for use of one tool at a time, for a fixed annual fee.

  • Affordable, fixed annual fee for each Victory OMNI 2D/3D License
  • Combine the Victory OMNI 2D/3D license with existing term-based licensing of individual tools and optional modules, for an optimal mix of software
  • Victory OMNI 2D/3D license supports products listed below on any supported platform. See for a current list of supported platforms and limitations.
  • Victory OMNI 2D/3D license can be used at all company locations within the purchasing region
  • Software maintenance included

Victory OMNI License Framework List

Framework Name Framework Description
Victory Process Process Simulation
Victory Device Device Simulation
Victory Mesh Meshing and Solid Modeling

Interactive Tools

Option Name Option Description
TonyPlot Interactive 1D/2D Visualization Tool
TonyPlot 3D 3D Interactive Visualization Tool
DevEdit Structure and Mesh Editor
DeckBuild Run-Time Environment
MaskViews Integrated Layout Editor