All Tools, One License, Flat Fee

TCAD OMNI License is a pioneering licensing methodology that enables process/device engineers to access any of the Silvaco TCAD tools with a single license. The TCAD OMNI License allows access to all TCAD frameworks, one tool at a time, for a fixed annual fee.

  • Affordable, fixed annual fee for each TCAD OMNI License
  • Combine TCAD OMNI License with perpetual and term-based licensing for individual tools for optimal license mix
  • License supports any combination of token enabled products heterogeneously on any supported platform. See for current list of supported platforms and limitations
  • TCAD OMNI license can be used at all company locations within the purchasing region
  • Software maintenance included

TCAD OMNI License Framework List

Product Name Product Description
Athena Framework Process Simulation Framework
SSuprem 4 2D Core Process Simulator
MC Implant Advanced Monte Carlo Implantation Simulator
Optolith Advanced 2D Optical Lithography Simulator
Atlas 2D Framework 2D Device Simulation Framework
S-Pisces 2D Silicon Device Simulator
Blaze 2D Device Simulator for Advanced Materials
Giga 2D Non-Isothermal Device Simulator
MixedMode 2D Circuit Simulation for Advanced Devices
Ferro Ferroelectric Field Dependent Permitivity Model
Magnetic 2D Magnetic Device Simulator
Quantum 2D Simulation Models for Quantum Confinement Effects
Luminous 2D Optoelectric Device Simulator
LED Light Emitting Diode Simulator
VCSEL Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Simulations
Organic Display OLED and OTFT Organic Display Simulator
Organic Solar Organic Solar Cell and Photodetector Simulator
Laser Semiconductor Laser Diode Simulator
TFT 2D Amorphous and Polycrystalline Device Simulator
Noise Small Signal Noise Simulator
Atlas 3D Framework 3D Device Simulation Framework
Device 3D 3D Device Simulator
Giga 3D 3D Non-Isothermal Device Simulator
MixedMode 3D 3D Circuit Simulation for Advanced Devices
Magnetic 3D 3D Magnetic Device Simulator
Quantum 3D 3D Simulation Models for Quantum Confinement Effects
Luminous 3D 3D Optoelectric Device Simulator
TFT 3D 3D Amorphous and Polycrystalline Device Simulator
NOTE: Multicore capability included.


Interactive Tools

Option Name Option Description
TonyPlot Interactive 1D/2D Visualization Tool
TonyPlot 3D 3D Interactive Visualization Tool
DevEdit Structure and Mesh Editor
DevEdit 3D 3D Structure and Mesh Editor
DeckBuild Run-Time Environment
MaskViews Integrated Layout Editor




Rev. 033116_30