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TCAD Unlimited

Company Worldwide Unlimited License

With a TCAD Unlimited License, a company can complete thousands of TCAD simulations in 24 hours and perform automated Statistical Process Control (SPC) and yield analysis. Currently, companies with a small number of TCAD licenses obtain only a small number of data points over many months, resulting in an incomplete understanding of physics trends and a loss of valuable time to market.

Price is negotiable for one or more years according to company size and includes updates, support and training.

Key Benefits

  • Silvaco offers a TCAD Company Worldwide Unlimited License for one flat annual fee
  • Silvaco provides an unlimited number of licenses, which can be configured on multiple license servers, at any of your worldwide locations

TCAD Unlimited includes:

Define and run simulations on any number of machines.


3D FinFET results from many runs showing gate length and height variations. Silicon nitride capping layer is not shown. This example shows the Solar Cell Efficiency “Response Surface” using the two variables ZnO thickness and X-Composition. This makes it simple to read off optimum values for cell efficiency.
Yield analysis with user selectable statistical distribution. Yield of ring oscillator frequency is shown as a function of different process parameter distribution.

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