Lift-off Profile Polymer Etching : Lift-off Profile Polymer Etching

Requires: Elite
Minimum Versions: Athena 5.21.2.R

The example described in this section originated from studies accompanying the development of a lift-off resist profile for sub-micron MESFET fabrication using a tri-level resist technique. The goal of this process development is to get the lift-off profile in the bottom resist of the tri-level system without using special e-beam exposure techniques or multi-layer e-beam resists.

The resist system used instead is quite simple. The bottom layer is a hard baked standard Novolac or polyimide resist covered with a silicon nitride intermediate layer. This intermediate layer is used during the etching process as a hard mask. The top layer is a PMMA resist structured by conventional electron beam lithography. The top PMMA resist is stripped and etching begun.

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