Dielectric Back Passivated P-type C-Si

solarex11.in : Dielectric Back Passivated P-type C-Si

Requires: S-Pisces/Luminous
Minimum Versions: Athena 5.22.1.R, Atlas 5.24.1.R

This example shows the modelization of Dielectric Back Passivated P-type C-Si solar cell. The solar cell was designed using a local back contact. This specific geometry requires 2D simulation. The simulation domain represent the smallest unit cell but can be extended periodically to represent the full structure.

A thin heavely B-doped P+ Si layer was introduced underneath the local contact to create an ohmic back contact via tunneling. The UST model was used to model tunneling.

Variation of the B-doped P+ Si layer underneath the local contact was performed using DBinternal and impact of the solar cell Efficiency is simulated.

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