Scattering rate extraction : Scattering rate extraction

Requires: Mocasim, TonyPlot Minimum Versions: Mocasim 5.16.0.R

In this example we output the scattering rates generated by Mocasim.

In Section 1 and 2 we set up the scattering mechanisms used in example 1.

In Section 5 we calculate the scattering rate at a temperature of 300 K and a doping of 1e14 cm^-2 and output the rates to mocasim04_1.dat. The scattering rates are calculated as a function of electron energy, from 0 eV to 7.5 eV by default.

The first tonyplot shows the individual scattering rates for electrons in the L-valley.

The second tonyplot shows the total scattering rates for low energy electrons, and for all electrons.

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