Hole transport in polyfluorene based sandwich devices

organicex06.in : Hole transport in polyfluorene based sandwich devices

Requires: Blaze/Organic Display
Minimum Versions: Atlas 5.28.1.R

The IV curves of hole-only sandwich-type devices containing a blue-emitting polyfluorene-based copolymer are simulated for a wide range of temperatures and for several thicknesses of the active organic layer based on [1]. In [1] it is shown that IV curves cannot be accurately describe using a commonly used mobility model which only depend on the electric field but that a consistent and quantitatively precise description of all curves can only be obtained using an extended Gaussian disorder model EGDM [2]. In this model, the mobility depends on the electric field and on the carrier concentration.Please refer to organicex05 for a detailed description and simulation of the EGDM model implementation.

The device under test is a single hole-only layer device. The input deck is parametrized so that the variation of temperature and active layer thickness can be simulated easily using the internal Design of Experiment feature of deckbuild. Model parameters are set in the input deck using Table 1 from [1] and Low carrier density and low electric field mobility model is defined as mu0(T) = mu0 * exp(-C * (sigma/kT)^2) (see equation 6 in [1]). The "baseline" input deck is named organixex06_aux.in and in organicex06.in, simulations are performed in order to reproduce Fig2, Fig3(b), Fig5(c) and Fig5(d) from [1]. Even if a direct comparison with measurement is not done a very good agreement is obtained for the full range of temperature and thicknesses.

Linear search damping is activated with the ls.damping parameter in the method statement. lsd.skip.iter is the number of Newton iterations that occurs before linear search damping is used. This is an alternative to the default Newton iteration scheme and shouldn't be used in all cases, but helps convergence in this case.

[1] S.L.M.van Mensfoort, S.I.E.Vulto, R.A.J.Janssen, and R.Coehoorn Hole transport in polyflourene-based sandwich-type devices: Quantitative analysis of the role of energetic disorder Physical Review B 78, 085208 (2008)

[2] The Pasveer reference publication is as follows: W.F.Pasveer et al., Physics Review Letters, 94, 206601 (2005)

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